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Hockey 4 Hope

Hockey 4 Hope is an annual charity hockey game organized to raise money to help alleviate the financial burden that is associated with cancer. 


H4H’s first game was played in 2010 and was established in honor of Constance “Connie” Glauser who passed away of breast cancer in May of 2006. Known for her witty humor and quick smile, Aunt Connie was mostly admired for her perpetual attitude towards life. For those of who were lucky enough to know Connie, she truly lived up to her name.


The Hockey 4 Hope Charity Game is a turn-key event that provides substantial funds and goodwill to The Constance Foundation, but more importantly helps families in need.


Our objective is to maximize charitable donations and positive public relations exposure for our partners. The Hockey 4 Hope Charity Game is the ultimate hospitality event and a perfect way give back to the community.

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