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The name on the back is what matters!

Brian Laing, Chris Bala, Derik Pot

(Founder of Constance Foundation, Brian Laing skating for his Aunt Connie, Chris Bala, Retired NHL'er skating for a family friend and Derik Pot, Assistant Manager of BCC Ice Center skating for family friend)

One of the most important lessons in hockey and that sets hockey aside from any other sport is that it's all about the logo on the front of the jersey and not the name on the back.

But once a year, in late Spring, the name on the back of the jersey is the only name that matters when skaters take the ice for Hockey 4 Hope.

In addition to wearing pink helmets, using pink stick tape and custom jerseys with the name of someone they're fighting for in the name of cancer on their back, the ice will have messages of hope, support, and remembrance painted on it by loved ones.

Every player will skate for someone they love who has battled cancer or battling matter an aunt, a father, a sister, a son, a friend of a family.

Every jersey has its own story.

Join us for Paint The Ice night on Friday, March 31st from 5-8pm. $5 proceeds will benefit the Constance Foundation. The following night on April 1st, join us as Constance Foundation will hosts its 8th Annual Hockey 4 Hope charity game.

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